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Mr. Bapi R.M., CEO, has given more than 200 Lectures in India during last 12 years on Life-Saver Clinic (Homeo) Treatment Concept.

And 2 Lectures in USA, Newyork and Chicago in the year 2004.
As per the above quotation, result oriented treatment concept developed by Mr. Bapi R.M. B.Tech., MIE., to strengthen all body healing powers inclusive of life saving power is adopted in Life-Saver Clinic (Homeo) for the last 11 years and obtained excellent results on various diseases which are worth telling the world.

“ Dis-ease is called disease ”.

According to Mahabharat, Yaksha questions Yudhistara ….. “What is ignored till it departs?” ….. The right answer given by Yudhistara is “Health”. Of course, most people forget this fact of health awareness.

Further, if we look at the quotation of Hippocrates the founder father of Allopathic medicine…..
”Natural fources within us are the healers of the disease. Healing is a mater of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity”

From the above we understand :

Cause of the disease : Going down of body’s natural forces.

Treatment …………...: Is to strengthen the body’s natural forces.

What all we have to do is to know how to strengthen the natural forces thereby to heal any disease.

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